Grant for Joern Thiede to establish new lab in St. Petersburg

Marine geologist Joern Thiede, former director of the AWI Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Sciences and current president of the ERICON council, is one of 40 winners of grants from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. These projects are aimed at attracting eminent scientists from all over the world to Russia. Prof. Thiede is going to establish a new interdisciplinary laboratory at the faculty of geography and geoecology of St. Petersburg State University. He will be responsible for a laboratory “Palaeogeography and geomorphology of polar countries and the World Ocean”, aimed at palaeogeographical, geological, geomorphological and geochronological studies of relief and various types of sediments. The new laboratory will also be a centre of education in the above mentioned fields of science. In total, 512 scientists and 179 Russian Universities took part in the announcement. Joern Thiedes project is funded with 50 millions Rubles.